Congratulations! Welcome you in SAARA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

 Principal' Message

I love my children more than any other things.My feeling towards both teaching and non-teaching staffs can't be expressed in words. Then active involvement and kind co-operation in maintaining a healthy environment has added enormous value in our teaching methods and discipline.

As a principal , I mark thouands of difficulties that crop up on the way in managing a school. I am highly thankful to parents/Guardians who extend their hands for the welfare of our school.I can't repay their obligation done in interest of this school.

If you intend to put your ward(s) under ourselves,you will have to keep patience for their better prospects.Nothing can be done in haste and development work need time as better progress can't be expected in worry and hurry.

Today, the thing which brings you pain , also brings pleaure in future.We shall try our best to discharge our duties up to your entire expectations so that students can have a quality of life.

Though we contsantly endeavor to add values in your ward(s) by maintaining a standard discipline quality teaching and favourable environment. We are also in need of your suggestions and guidelines to achive excellence in our students.

                                                                                                Mrs. Dolphin Ara

                                                                                                   (  Principal )